Currently We Do Not Offer Beetle Cleaning for large bull moose, caribou, or elk.


A Deposit of 50% is required at the time the order is placed.
Balance of 50% is due upon completion of work order.
Trophy's must be picked up or delivery scheduled within 30 days of completion. There will be a $10 per day charge for mounts not picked up after 30 days of notification.
Trophy's are subject to sale after 90 days of being notified that your trophy has been completed. 


In view of the many factors which have a very definite effect on the final results of tanning, such as primness, general condition of the specimen, climatic conditions and lack of knowledge and facilities in the field by the sportsman, we assume no responsibility or guarantee to the results of any specimen when tanning in house or otherwise.

Disclaimer: Naturally Wild Taxidermy is not responsible for hair slip, loss of color, or feather slip on birds (which can occur during moulting season) caused by bacterial or mechanical causes.  Duplication of subject will be as close as possible.  It is understood that once the subject is mounted, the subject cannot be repositioned or redone in any way. 

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We maintain a colony of Dermestid Beetles year round!