Note: We use the "fork length" measurement for most replicas. 

Our fish reproductions are made from the most advanced forms in the industry. Tooled with the precision of master craftsmen, they are painted with true artistic perspective. Working with natural light, the colors of the specimens are duplicated to exact detail. We advise our clients on lighting, types of woods or display ideas that will enhance your office or home. We no longer offer skin mounts. 

       2019 Prices

Up to 55 Inches Wall Mounts              $25/Inch Show side painted with high detail

Up to 55 Inches 360*                           $35/Inch Both sides painted with high detail

Over 55 Inches               Quote

Halibut Tails                    $325

Habitats & Bases          Quote

Why Choose a Replica over a Skin Mount?
A fiberglass mount won't deteriorate over time. 
Promote Catch-and-release fishing. Some species are in decline and big fish are becoming harder to find. Catch and release polices are now in force on many waters worldwide. 
No ugly shrinkage that can be associated with some poorly done skin mounts. 
No grease bleed associated with some poorly done skin mounts, all Salmonid and all salt water species are notorious for "grease bleed ", their heads and bodies are packed with natural oils that are all but impossible to remove completely.
No risk of mold, insect infestations or other deterioration. 

How are fiberglass blanks made?
​Fish taxidermists order blanks from our choice of suppliers world wide. Naturally Wild Taxidermy only uses top quality replicas from these suppliers. Suppliers have created a mold, which was taken from an actual specimen, countless numbers of casts can be taken from that one mold. Naturally Wild Taxidermy uses provided photos, length and girth measurements, and at times weights to choose the closest possible fiberglass replica to your original fish. If we cannot find an exact match we can modify forms to recreate your trophy. We work closely with you to ensure 100% satisfaction. 

Requirements for Fiberglass Reproductions

Measure length.— The live fish must be measured before releasing it back into the water. The most essential measurement necessary is the overall length. This is a nose to end of tail measurement.

Measure girth.— A girth measurement, a circumference measurement at the largest part of the body (directly in front of the dorsal fin) is also helpful, although not essential if the fish is stressed.

Take photos.— Take photos, being careful not to stress your fish! Good photographs will enable us to create an accurate fiberglass reproduction of your fish.

Please remember that the less you stress a fish the better chance it has for survival. With that in mind, the two most important pieces of information you can supply us with is a nose to tail length measurement and a color photograph.

The best fish mounts are made from the best fish, and whether you keep or release your fish, proper handling will result in both a happy taxidermist and a happy angler.