The following skulls are prepared with the use of dermestid beetles. After the bugs clean skulls, each specimen is degreased and whitened using a chemical process. This process is an essential step that will ensure an attractive and sanitary trophy or display piece.

Beetle Cleaning Prices

We can mount your skull to a plaque and create a custom pedestal base or wall plaque. Please visit our European section of the website for costs and other information. If you decide to go with a European mount, skull cleaning prices are included.

2017 Price List

Animal                       Price

 Beaver                      $45                          

 Bison                        $125  

 Black Bear              $120

 Bobcat                      $45  

 Brown/Grizzly         $140  

 Coyote                    $45

Caribou                   $300

Deer                        $100   

Elk                           $200

 Ermine                    $25   

 Fox                           $70 

 Lynx                         $80  

Martin, Mink            $35

​Moose                     $400

 Mountain Goat        $200   

 Mountain Lion        $130 

 Musk ox                  $290

 Sheep                     $275

 Squirrel                   $25

 Wolf                         $125  

 Wolverine                $80

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