Taxidermy has been a high demand trade since the 19th century. It is meaningful as it preserves an animal the hunter has put forth great effort, skill, time, and money into obtaining. The three dimentional animal mount will allow the hunter, family, and friends to showcase the trophy for a lifetime. In my own experience I have learned taxidermy is a wonderful way to pass along family hunting traditions to younger generations.

Naturally Wild Taxidermy is licensed with the State of Alaska and owned by Samantha LaFond. Samantha maintains an Alaska taxidermy license, New York State business license whom is devoted to producing the most realistic trophies every hunter dreams of displaying in his or her home. 

Naturally Wild Taxidermy is moving out of Alaska! Stay tuned for more info!

There's a story behind every trophy. No two stories are the same. You remember the weather, the smells, how your heart pounded when that animal stepped into range, the long haul back to civilization. When you tell your friends and family the tale of your fishing or hunting adventure you spare no detail; we won't either... Allow Naturally Wild Taxidermy to preserve that memory for a lifetime.